Mentoring Program Event 5/14

YNPN is introducing a new mentoring program
Through YNPN Connect™, YNPN members will have the valuable opportunity to gain insight from top local professionals. A strong professional mentoring relationship has the potential to positively change the course of one’s career and shape one’s life professionally AND personally.

We’ve done our part
YNPN Connect™ volunteers have recruited talented mentors from throughout the community who have a wide range of professional backgrounds.

Your part is simple
Complete the Mentee Application available from Erin at ehareng at YNPN Connect volunteers will carefully review applications to match mentees with mentors.

Now, the fun part
We will introduce mentees to their mentors at our YNPN Connect™ kick-off celebration on Wednesday May 14th at 7 PM at Artasia at 181 N Broadway, Milwaukee. For more information about Artasia, please visit their website at While it is not required that participants attend this event, it is strongly recommended that participants attend the program kick-off, mid-year meeting and closing meeting.

Note: While YNPN Connect™ encourages participation from all interested members, in order to provide one-on-one matches, we are currently have limited spots for mentees. Mentees will be accepted based on application deadline and best matches with the goals and interests of mentor-mentee pairs.