YNPN Book Club 6/24

"The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman

Also introducing our new series topic: The Nature. Our next 3 books will be related to environmental topics, and our first is a discussion on what would happen to the world if humans suddenly disappeared (all other factors remaining the same). The book discusses how nature would take over our concrete cities within decades, and what would be left of our legacy hundreds of years after we disappeared if, in fact, we disappeared completely and nature was left to its own devices.

The next meeting is June 24th at Trocadero where we will discuss the book, the nature, and take suggestions/decide upon July’s title.

Who: You
What: YNPN Book Club Meeting
Where: Trocadero 1758 N Water Street http://ztrocadero.com/index2.html

When: June 24, 2008
5:30pm Drinks
6:00pm Dinner & Discussion

Please RSVP to Mandi so I know how many to expect, and if we need to reserve a table. I hope to see you there!

More about the Book:

I saw a show on NatGeo called “Aftermath: Population Zero,” which sounds like it came straight from this book. Riveting, and I recommend it if it’s June 23rd and you haven’t yet read the book for book club (though no one does that, right?)